Third Party Collections

HALO AR Management has a strategic partnership with iQuantified Management Services (iQMS) to ensure the entire patient accounts receivable revenue cycle has been maximized.

After your unresolved accounts have cycled through Halo, Halo will then obtain your approval to send your accounts to our affiliated medical debt collection agency, iQMS, for bad debt processing.

IQMS is a nationally licensed healthcare collection agency. Founded in 2011, IQMS is HIPAA compliant and employs healthcare professionals who are empathetic, compassionate, and well versed to react to the challenges that the patient population encounters in the marketplace. IQMS collection representatives are authorized and thoroughly trained to negotiate with patients to maximize the return on the provider’s account portfolio.


  • Traditional Third Party Collections.
    • As a medical debt collection agency, IQMS follows the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)
    • IQMS collectors contact your patients by mail and by telephone in attempt to resolve their balance in full. We follow all discounting and payment arrangement guidelines that our client sets forth.
    • IQMS offers an online patient portal for a 24/7 payment option
  • Flat Fee Letter Program
    • Step 1 – For a small flat fee per account, patients receive a series of collections letters. The provider does not pay any commission when the account is paid.
    • Step 2 – If accounts aren’t resolved through Step 1, with client approval,  accounts will then move to a Traditional Third Party Collections at a competitive contingency rate.
  • Payment Resolution Systems – After our affiliated medical debt collection agency, IQMS, has completed their services, we will refer your accounts to Payment Resolution Systems who will provide your patients with a last chance opportunity to settle their debt before you write it off.