Revenue Cycle Management

Healthcare is rapidly changing, becoming more competitive and more regulated. Managed care payers continue to demand deep discounts on fees while Medicare and Medicaid programs continually look for ways to reduce costs. These insurance pressures paired with rapidly increasing patient deductibles and increased consumerism are driving physician and hospital organizations to respond by actively looking for ways to improve the cost effectiveness of their non-patient care operations, including receivables operations.

One way to achieve greater cost effectiveness in receivables management is to partner with an organization that specializes in billing and collections. Halo invests in sophisticated technology and employs highly trained personnel so that we function as an extension of a healthcare organization’s patient financial services department.

Halo aligns its service mix with the right fit for an organization’s unique needs and performs them in alignment with the mission and vision of their clients.


Halo helps clients with financial success allowing them to focus on core competencies and patient care.

Advantages of partnering with Halo:

  • Increased collections
  • Reduced costs to collect
  • Increased patient satisfaction
  • Clear, concise, patient-friendly communications
  • Communication with real knowledgeable and friendly people
  • Multiple convenient ways to pay
  • Expanded and extended hours for patient service
  • 3 times the number of communication touches over traditional billing practices during first 90 days after payer adjudication
  • Reduces the volume and dollars charged off to bad debt
  • Best-practice technology, communication, correspondence, insurance resolution, and credit reporting