Electronic Statements

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How simple does your billing statement make it for patients to pay their outstanding balances? If your statements are confusing, they may delay or even prevent payments. To assist in your billing process and maximize payment turnaround, we suggest adding a quick-response (QR) code. By printing QR codes in statements, patients can scan them with their smartphones and be taken directly to the online billing portal. Every step that supports use of your online portal offers the double benefit of making payments easier for patients and lowering costs for providers. Halo can help customize a QR Solution to fit your billing needs.


  • Using QR codes to facilitate financial transactions is a great way to improve the patient experience and collect on-time payments.
  • Your patient’s don’t have to dial any numbers or even click anything to get to your branded payment site.
  • QR codes can place a positive first impression of your practice in the patient’s mind when looking at their statement.
  • Patients can pay their balance with-in minutes through the use of their smartphone. Quick Response is a vehicle for making a personalized connection to your patient.
  • When it comes to Revenue Cycle Management, companies that have figured it out are using the swift, relevant, research-based benefits of QR Codes to gain a competitive advantage.

Many of our healthcare partners see this as a vital part of their revenue cycle health while also integrating creative ways to help their patients use multiple technologies and platforms to facilitate medical payments and increase patient satisfaction.

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