Legacy Accounts Receivable Services

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It’s a fact of life that providers change billing companies. One of the challenges a provider faces when changing billing companies is what to do with their old AR. The old billing company will generally work the insurance accounts for 60 days, then they are done. They may not put much effort into the remaining self-pay AR because they’ve been fired and no longer care to perform.

The new billing company doesn’t have the data, and generally does not wish to get involved in the old billing company’s problems.

The provider must decide what to do with their old AR. Halo offers them an alternative: Legacy Accounts Receivable Services.

Halo will take the old AR and work with the old billing company to get a data extract which will then be used to determine if the account is patient due or still in the insurance process. The self-pay accounts will receive a notice from Halo informing them that Halo has been retained to audit the old billing company and the support of the patient will be enlisted to determine if all discounts and insurances have been applied. Assurances are given to the patient that they are not in collections and that nothing has been reported to the credit bureaus.

The accounts determined to still be in the insurance processing queue are worked by the Halo insurance team to ensure timely follow-up with claims. Once these claims have been adjudicated, the accounts are transferred to the self-pay team, where they will receive the processing as described above.

Once all efforts have been exhausted, the remaining accounts are made eligible to be moved to traditional bad debt handling by the provider.