Electronic Statements

Halo AR Management offers everything you need to accomplish your goals and drive implementation of eStatements among your patient base. Our process and distribution methods are optimized so patients experience the ease of viewing eStatements online and even paying their bills online. This leads to improved patient opt-ins, and ultimately, significantly lowers your expenses.


  • Step-by-step details on patient enrollment in the eStatements program
  • Safe and efficient statement emailing
  • Super vision of eStatement delivery
  • Access to online tools to see who has opened and viewed eStatements
  • Capacity to send paper statements if electronic medical billing eStatements are disregarded
  • Direct patient access from viewing statement to paying online
  • Accelerated delivery of statements to customer


  • Significantly lower billing expenses
  • Simplifies the billing process
  • Improves communication and outcome
  • Saves paper
  • Quicker payment capture
  • Simplicity of access for customers

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