Call Center

Halo AR Management supplements your billing office with highly trained and compassionate service specialists who will answer consumer questions regarding their bills, and arrange payments for healthcare collections. Our professional medical accounts receivable staff understands health care, insurance, and collections, in order to maximize both your patient satisfaction and financial performance.


  • Highly trained, compassionate, bilingual billing office personnel
  • Available as your extended billing office for all patient inquiries starting day one through completion of collections
  • Skilled in obtaining missing insurance information and working with payers on behalf patients across all specialties
  • 24/7 web access to the current status of accounts
  • Monthly reporting
  • All payments would go to client account in first 90 days unless client authorized for collection
  • Credit reporting determinations based on our partners’ policy


  • Reduced staffing and ability to focus on mission and core competencies
  • Extended hours for assisting patients
  • Increased healthcare collections with fewer accounts moving to third party collections
  • Diminish billing costs
  • Decreased Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and AR

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